mCore™ SMS ActiveX Component 1.8 * LicenseType : PRO-DISTRIB by: Ray-29

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mCore™ is a robust and easy-to-use ActiveX SMS Component that will enable your desktop or web based applications for sending & receiving SMS and to send WAP Push. It can be used with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port using a data cable or Infrared device etc. mCore™ can be used for developing applications that require to send/receive SMS in English as well as applications that require to send receive SMS in local languages (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi etc.)

Key Features:
[*]Send SMS
[*]Read incoming SMS
[*]Send WAP Push (mCore™ Pro Version)
[*]Send Flash SMS (i.e. alert messages; immediate display)
[*]Supports 7-bit GSM default Alphabet as well as 8-bit ANSI and 16-bit Unicode characters (international languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi etc) for sending as well as receiving SMS
[*]Set SMSC or use the default SMSC stored in Phone/SIM
[*]Destination phone number and SMSC number are supported in both International & national formats
[*]Read messages from Phone memory or SIM memory
[*]Read various parameters of incoming messages e.g. Sender phone number, Sent time, Sender SMSC etc.
[*]Option to send long messages with simple splitting OR formatted splitting (with pagination) OR as Concatenated message
[*]Option to read incoming concatenated messages as one single message or multiple parts.
[*]Delete messages from modem (phone memory or SIM memory)
[*]One single command to delete all read messages
[*]Send custom AT Commands and read response (terminal mode)
[*]Works with GSM modem or phone handset connected to serial port using data cable, Infrared device or USB to Serial converter. mCore™ has been tested and found to be working successfully with wide range of GSM Modems and mobile phone handsets.
[*]Define WAP Push expiry, created and action type (mCore™ Pro Version)
[*]Read various modem and network parameters e.g. Manufacturer, Model, IMEI, IMSI, Signal Strength (in dB as well as percent) etc
[*]Set PIN for modem/phone with protected SIM
[*]Extensive troubleshooting feature for developers (e.g. Debug Mode, Modem Log etc)
[*]Has been tested with wide range of GSM modems and handsets.
[*]Attractive licensing and pricing options
[*]Extensive sample programs in Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, VB.NET & C# for sending & receiving SMS (in English as well as Unicode) and sending WAP Push.
[*]Comprehensive Developers Guide


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